About PSCF

The Project Soul Child Foundation, (PSCF) is a faith based non-profit initiative dedicated to "Inspiring Today's Youth and Humanity"® through Mentoring and Music.

PSCF was initially established in Pomona, California in 1999 to assist community churches with the production of inspirational music projects that help carry the encouraging message of hope and goodwill that unites and enriches the spirit of man.

In May 2002, the PSCF mission was expanded to embrace youth mentoring when it joined forces with Army Recruiters and opened the (TLD) youth mentoring research center in Columbia, South Carolina in response to the tragic slaying of PSCF supporter Master Sergeant Tracy L. Davis during a senseless carjacking.

Today, PSCF continues its efforts of inspiration by;

• Validating and distributing the TLD after school mentoring curriculum
• Construction of Youth leaders retreat campuses.
• Assisting the church through inspirational music production

Now, you can be part of this life changing mission by becoming a PSCF member sponsor, contributor and/or Business Partner. Your gifts at any level symbolically lay bricks, pour mortar and plant trees to complete the PSCF mission of………….


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Every Member sponsor strengthens the PSCF organizational structure and allows the foundation to more effectively plan and manage upcoming YLR projects in Georgia and North Carolina. As a PSCF Member Sponsor you can enjoy your PSCF annual Mentoring support certificate and ID card package that lets you humbly share your Youth Leaders Retreat Campus construction participation with teacher's family members and friends.

No gift can ever be too large or too small if it is lovingly given from the heart.

We are jubilant about our call to build Youth Leaders Retreat campuses that recognize public school teachers, provide professional mentoring support and technical training. If you have a desire sponsor a YLR project in part thru philanthropy call us (803) 712-PSCF (7723). We strive to reciprocate every gift pledge by providing first-class facilities, unparalleled service and quality Uni-Tee gifts of appreciation.


Master Sergeant Tracy L. Davis - Mentoring Curriculum


The Project Soul Child Foundations mentoring curriculum is dedicated to the memory of Master Sergeant Tracy L. Davis, a U.S. Army soldier who was gunned down in front of his residence by two young men as he returned from a Wal-Mart shopping center. The two men slayed Tracy as part of their plan to steal his Lincoln Navigator so they could drive from South Carolina to Georgia to "attend a party in style".

Army Recruiters who worked with MSG Davis at the Soldier Support Institute, Fort Jackson South Carolina united to begin this life changing mentoring initiative that includes establishing an after school mentoring profession and the recognition of public School teachers whom, they commonly refer to as our "Nation's Top Mentors". Those Army recruiters fully believed had the two young men received more contact with positive influencers during their young lives their ambitions, activities and destinies would have ultimately turned out much differently.

The TLD curriculums purpose is to bring parents and teachers closer together by providing (students who have been identified by the schools guidance counselor as "at risk" of not progressing academically) an additional four (4) hours of learning opportunity Monday – Thursday of each week. This no cost educational reinforcement time is available to both the parents (if they desire) and the students who are identified as educationally "at risk". This after school knowledge based strengthening tool is a small portion of the PSCF strategy to provide measurable assessment tools that give emphasis to productive leadership, self-actualization and goal oriented achievement through short, mid-range and long-term planning strategies, techniques and practices.

The TLD curriculums four day per week after school agenda is intended to raise the listener's situational awareness, academic comprehension and core character attributes with information technology as the structural platform.

The following course developers are recognized for their curriculum contributions:

Richard Jones, Ronald Evans, Vickie Rivera, Reginald Sampson, Ronald Travis, Anthony Grebe, Karen Teich, Clifton Magwood, Melvin Mathews, Jason Peters, Donald Jones, William Turner, Gregory Henderson, Phillip Morrison, Elizabeth Dixon, Dave O'Garro, Brian Adams, Mario Gonzales, Brian Friedman, Eric Williams, Ramon Maisonet

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Youth Leaders Retreat Campus


As far back as we can find Public school Public School Teachers have helped generation after generation uncover their individual motivations of life leading us to become Physicians, Celebrities, Athletes, Entrepreneurs, Attorneys, Business leaders, constitutional defenders, diligent workers and yes a new generation of dedicated teachers ready to assist parents in the quest of unveiling their child's most productive selves.

This is one reason why PSCF has elected to emphasis a continued recognition of Public School Educators through the establishment of its Youth Leaders Retreat campuses'.

In addition to Youth Leaders retreat campus' being the ideal mentoring location for students and their parents from Monday - Thursday of each week, the YLR campus is strategically designed as a state of the art residential facility that exclusively serves public school teachers and their families on weekends by providing them with the benefit of no cost lodging. This new approach to public service briefly rewards, reenergizes and educates our educators with "real life" travel experience that goes right back into the classroom.
Administratively, YLR campuses serve the community as the hub for the future distribution of the TLD mentoring curriculum and the headquarters of the PSCF Business Partner support Program.

The location for the first PSCF Youth Leaders Retreat is Bonneau, S.C. 29431. The quaint city of Bonneau is nestled on the outskirts of the Francis Marion National Forest and within 2 miles of Lake Moultrie, which was constructed between 1939 and 1941 as part of the Santee Cooper project. Lake Moultrie is unlike other lakes in the state because of its large shoreline accessibility. The 60,400-acre Francis Marion National Forest is host to numerous trails for hiking, horseback riding, off-road bicycling, & motorcycling.

This peaceful and private location just off Highway 52 is within 30 minutes of the historically rich Charleston County. Charleston is one of the top tourist destinations in the southeast, and with good reason. From the historic Battery with its stately old homes and bustling activity to the miles of beaches along the county's Sea Islands, hugely popular Folly Beach and isolated Bull Island.

Did you know Public School Teachers directly impact the education of nearly 89% of our nation's children between the ages of 5 and 18?

Who is the P.S. Teacher that has made a positive impacted on your life?
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